Diggers HD

4.7 ( 4747 ratings )
Spiele Bildung Puzzle
Entwickler Lucy Hall
0.99 USD

DIGGERS HD is a bright and colourful puzzle game. Drag and drop the pieces into the outline to reveal an image and a fact file about many different construction vehicles.

If your child can use an iPhone or iPad it’s never too early to play. This game is targeted at preschool +.

DIGGERS HD is perfect to keep your little ones occupied in queues, traffic jams, waiting rooms, wherever you may be.


DIGGERS HD has Four levels of difficulty.

Easy: There are four pieces and guidelines to help your little one get used to the concept of completing a jigsaw.

Medium: This level introduces two additional pieces, one being a special 2D named shape.

Hard: The guidelines are removed and the pieces return to their starting position if dropped in the incorrect place.

Extra Hard: The pieces have to be rotated using the blue rotate icon.


Diggers HD brings these new features:-

- Five new Extra Hard levels including rotation.

- Retina display graphics.

- Smoother interactions.

- Reduced file size allowing for cellular download.